We are happy to announce that 4 research papers and 2 position papers were accepted for NoISE:

Research papers

  1. De Nies, T., Verplanken, J., Verborgh, R., De Neve, W., Mannens, E., & Van de Walle, R. Named-Entity-based Linking and Exploration of News using an Adapted Jaccard Metric.
  2. Knuth, M., Reddy, D., Dimou, A., Vahdati, S., & Kastrinakis, G. Towards Linked Data Update Notifications - Reviewing and Generalizing the sparqlPuSH approach.
  3. Heitmann, B., & Hayes, C. The Role of Negative Results for Choosing an Evaluation Approach - A Recommender Systems Case Study.
  4. Huelss, J., & Paulheim, H. What SPARQL Query Logs Tell and do not Tell about Semantic Relatedness in LOD.


  1. Mutharaju, R., & Kapanipathi, P. Are We Really Standing on the Shoulders of Giants?
  2. Chapman, K., & Chapman, C. Breaking the Paper Barrier and Publishing At the Speed of Thought.

A tentative programme can be found here.