Program Committee

  • Oscar Corcho - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Emanuele Della Valle - Politecnico di Milano
  • Stephan Dietze - L3S Research Center, Leibniz University Hanover
  • Paul Groth - VU Amsterdam
  • Aidan Hogan - Universidad de Chile
  • Kjetil Kjernsmo - University of Oslo, Norway
  • Dimitris Kontokostas - AKSW, Leipzig
  • Spyros Kotoulas - IBM research
  • Christoph Lange - University of Bonn
  • Axel-C Ngonga Ngomo - AKSW
  • Rudi Studer - KIT
  • Pedro Szekely - ISI, USC
  • Frank Van Harmelen - VU Amsterdam
  • Ruben Verborgh - Ghent university, iMinds, Multimedia Lab
  • Eva Blomqvist - Linköping University
  • Jerome Euzenat - INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes


Anastasia Dimou

Ghent University - iMinds, Belgium | @natadimou

Anastasia Dimou holds a M.Sc. in e-Government technologies and a M.Sc. in Web Science and as from 2013 she is a researcher in Semantic Web and Linked Open Data technologies at Multimedia Lab of Ghent University - iMinds. Anastasia has been involved in several national and european research projects. Her main interest and expertise is related to knowledge representation and integration, focused on mapping and interlinking to integrate, semantically annotate and interlink Open Data while and after publishing.

Jacco van Ossenbruggen

CWI - VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands | @jrvosse

Jacco is a researcher in the Information Access group at CWI and an associate professor in the Web and Media group at VU University Amsterdam. He has a PhD in computer science from VU Amsterdam and has supervised several PhD students. His current research interests focus on user interfaces for large curated and uncurated Web dataset. Jacco is currently working on communicating provenance of data generated by computer vision systems to marine biologists, and on replicating and reproducing ontology alignments made in an interactive setting. He has co-organised several international workshops in the area of web, semantic web, multimedia and hypertext. Finally, he co-organised the Empirical Workshop at ESWC2014.

Maria-Esther Vidal

Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela | @Maria11576561

Full Professor of the Computer Science department at the Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela where she leads the Semantic Web Group and has advised several PhD and Master students. She has been co-chair of the Semantic Data Management Track on ESWC 2013-2014, and co-chaired several workshops: Semantic Web Collaborative Spaces (ISWC2014), Empirical Workshop (ESWC2014), Workshop on Resource Discovery (RED2010-12); further, she has been accompanying professor of On the Move Academy (OTMa2009-14). Maria-Esther has co-organized and co-lectured the tutorials at ESWC2011-14. Her areas of interests are: Semantic Data Management, Graph Mining, and Experimental Setups and Analysis that ensure reproducibility of empirical studies.

Miel Vander Sande

Ghent University - iMinds, Belgium | @Miel_vds

Miel is M.Sc. in Industrial Science: ICT and a researcher in computer science at the Multimedia Lab of Ghent University - iMinds, Belgium. As from 2011, he was involved in several research projects involving Semantic Web technologies and Open Data. Miel’s main interest and expertise are (Linked open) Data publishing and querying in a Read/Write Web environment. He has organized two editions of the WaSABi workshop at ISWC and ESWC, and co-hosted the ISWC2014 Developers Workshop.